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This course is about to get a whole lot smaller.  Students will now learn how to program apps for their cell phones.  In Digital Media Development students will use a variety of software tools to design and publish computer graphics and multimedia. Students will learn to design web pages using HTML, CSS and Javascript.  Students will use Flash to publish animated web designs.  They will learn to develop skills in 2D graphic design using Adobe Photoshop CS.  In addition, they will have an opportunity to create a Digital Video production using Adobe Premiere.



 What’s more interesting than playing video game?  Creating them.  This course will teach not only the necessary programming skills but also aspects of successful video game creation, and design.  This course will complement existing digital media courses and will be a terrific first step towards more advanced programming.


Students will develop skills in taking, framing and selecting digital photographs.  They will also use a digital scanner to convert printed photographs to a format suitable for use in a digital yearbook.  Students will gain expertise using Adobe Photoshop CS to manipulate these digital images and prepare them for print publication.  They will learn the differences between full colour, duotone and greyscale images and the considerations for using each.  Students will also learn how to use Adobe InDesign to create page layouts for the yearbook.  In addition to the digital production of the yearbook, students will become involved with some of the business aspects of yearbook production such as advertising, sales and record-keeping.