Student Fees

PSO Student Fees 50.00 Text Book Deposit Grade 8 & 9

25.00 Text Book Deposit (Grandfathered fee for grades 10 11 &12) – This fee carries over to the next year if all textbooks are turned in to the teacher at the end of the school year/semester. If a student has outstanding textbooks then this fee must be paid again the following year.

5.00 Lock Deposit – This fee is a deposit on your locker lock and is paid only once if the lock is returned at the end of the school year. Students will be issued a locker once this fee is paid.

25.00 Student Activity Fee –  This fee helps cover the cost of the student planner handed to the student at the beginning of the school year.  Student Leadership  Cultural Events  Performance and Activities

50.00 PSO Grad Fee
70.00 Dry Grad committee

Elective Courses – fees are not levied as such, but there may be a cost of items used for projects which are taken home by the student.