Career Counselling

Many students wonder what areas of study they will pursue after they graduate from high school and what they will be "when they grow up."  Questions and uncertainties about the future can cause a great deal stress--but, we can help! The counsellors at PSO recognize this stress and try to help students make a bit of sense of the uncertainty that is out there.  Have your son or daughter make an appointment to see a counsellor so we can explore career possibilities and take a look at some of the sites available which can assist him or her.  If you or your son or daughter wish to look at something at home, here are a few places which might be very helpful:
This site provides information on educational opportunities in BC for various careers.  It also links to which provides a comprehensive list of occupations and outcomes for all sorts of careers.
This site, run by the University of Victoria, allows students to explore assessments, careers and more.  To log into the site, use the following information:  user name is uvic and password is careers.
This site, run by the University of Waterloo, is a Career development manual which takes you through major steps in career decision-making and development.